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48 Hour Film Project required elements:

Genres:  Family or Silent Film

Holiday:  4th of July

Character:  Tony or Terry Hoopes - Gambler

Prop:  Scotch Tape

Line of Dialogue:  "Did you read the directions?"




"Best Of" 2016 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project - Holiday Edition


Winner -        Best Actor (Bradford Hastings)

                       Best Graphics

                       Best Use of the Required Character

                       Best Use of the Required Line

Runner Up -  Best Film


Nominated - Best Writing

                        Best VFX

                        Best Use of the Required Prop

                        Best use of the Genre

Deleted Scenes

Directed By

Brian Ward


Written By

Thom Zahler

Jon Monson-Foon


Produced By

Frank Mohler



Gary Quince - Bradford Hastings

Tony Hoopes -Brian Ward

Linda Quince - Stephanie Griffith


Camera & Sound

Brian Ward



Frank Mohler



Brian Ward


Art Design

Thom Zahler


Lighting Consultant

Irving Ong



Billie Stouter

Jon Monson-Foon



Billie Stouter


Bradford Hastings


Craft Services

Billie Stouter


Social Media

Billie Stouter


Special Thanks

Joe Otanez

Zak Fin

Colleen Gold

Ariel Neona

David Nett

"Gary's Home"

Written & Performed by

Bradford Hastings



Art Gallery
48 Hour Version 
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