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48 Hour Film Project required elements:

Genre:  Generation Gap

Character:  Kip/Kim Wallace, Event Planner

Prop:  Ball

Line of Dialogue:  "It's not as easy as it looks"




Official Selection:

Pasadena International Film Festival

KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival

Raleigh Film & Art Festival

Semi Finalist:

First Glance Film Festival  Los Angeles

Bonus Content!

Extended News Broadcast


Stephanie - Stephanie Griffith

Kim - Ariel Neona

David - Brian Ward

News Anchor - Barrett Gregory

Directed By

Brian Ward

Produced By

Frank Mohler


Story By

Brian Ward

Written By

Thom Zahler

Antonio Lopez

Jon Monson-Foon


Edited By

Frank Mohler

Director of Photography

Tristan Savage-Tate

Music Composed By

Matt Gust

Production Designer

Shannon Dedman


Marie Growden


Script Supervisor

Kathleen Campbell


Tristan Savage-Tate


Jon Monson-Foon

1st Assistant Camera

Matthew Carter


Jeremy Savage-Tate

Graphic Design

Thom Zahler

Frank Mohler

Production Assistants

Elliot Rutstein

Antonio Lopez

Special Thanks

Andrea Letamendi

Carolyn Feres

Appalachian State University

Michael & Leanne Westphal

Special Thanks to Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists


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