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48 Hour Film Project required elements

Genre:  Cop/Drama

Character:  Stinky Rebozo, Stool Pigeon

Prop:  A Large Suitcase

Line of Dialogue:  "Can you keep a secret?"




Call It Luck

Directed By

Brian Ward


Written By

Brian Ward


Story By

Brian Ward

Jeremy Adams

Amie Bjorklund

Rick Davis

Leia Lima


Produced By

Brian Ward

Frank Mohler


Co-Produced By

Jeremy Adams



Stinky Rebozo - James Younan

Sgt. Flynn - Amie Bjorkland

Sgt. Matthews - Leia Lima

Siren - Silvana Smud

CIA Driver - Eric Mason

CIA - Gus Lynch

Lou Anne - Erin Mauldin

Bethelina - Lauren Schneider

Mysteria - Suzanna Filip

Young Man - Zakiel Issac

Etra - Rick Davis



Brian Ward

Frank Mohler



Frank Mohler


Costume Design

Brenda Mercure



Bradford Hastings

David Robbins


Hair Stylist

Bekah Root


Boom Operator

Jeremy Adams


Location Managers

Rick Davis

Leia Lima

Gus Lynch

Bekah Root



Bekah Root

Heather Insley


Special Thanks

David Newcomb

Sprout Cafe

Dan Healey


Mark & Liz



Written and Performed by

Agent Ink


Bonus Content!

Gag Reel
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