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48 Hour Film Project required elements

Genre:  Fantasy

Character:  Frederick or Frieda Laino, Exchange Student

Prop:  A bumper sticker

Line of Dialogue:  "Hey! My Mom gave me that."




Coming Together

Directed By

Brian Ward


Written By

Jeremy Adams

Kate De Vriend

Brian Ward

Wally White


Produced By

Sarah Pryzibilla



Frank Mohler

P.J. Gaynard


Story By

Bradford Hastings



Math Teacher - Gerard Griesbaum

Gym Teacher - Mickey Maxwell

Computer Teacher - Rick Gifford

Science Teacher - Katie Zeiner

Exchange Student - Celina Murk

Drama Student - Stephanie Griffith

Agriculture Teacher - Tiffany Hume

Diana - Diana Gallego

Charlie - Charlie Gressett

Home Economics Student - Joe Garcia


Director of Photography

P.J. Gaynard



Frank Mohler


Sound Mixer

Bill Coy


Boom Operator

Jerry Brewington


Steadicam Operator

Scott Zarzycki


Chief Lighting Technician

Robert Crockett


Best Boy

Jesse Arnold



T.J. Martin


Script Supervision

Conwell Worthington


Production Assistant

Tony Ohlhoff


Location Manager

Dan De Vriend


Still Photographer

Merry Chen



Cynthia Mazza


Special Thanks

New Roads School

Doug Sarine

Bonus Content!

Extended Segments
Photo Gallery
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