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Short Films

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Official Selection:

Pasadena International Film Festival

KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival

Raleigh Film & Art Festival

Semi Finalist:

First Glance Film Festival  Los Angeles

Genre:  Fish Out of Water and Musical

Holiday:  Christmas

Character:  Jennifer/Jack Bates - House Guest

Prop:  ID Badge

Line of Dialogue:  "Give me a break"



"Best Of" 2017 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project -

                                                                           Holiday Edition


Won - Lifetime Achievement Award

Grand Champion Best Of Audience Award

Audience Award Screening Group B (tie)

Best Music

Best Graphics

Best Use of Holiday (tie)

Best Use of the Required Line

Runner Up - Production Design

2nd Runner Up - Best Film


Nominated - Best Directing

Best Writing

Best Actress

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Best Use of Genre

"Best Of" 2017 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project

Runner Up - Best Use Of Line


Genre:  Biography (with a  Road Movie)

Character:  Austin/Ashley Cheevers - Wine Maker

Prop:  A Wallet

Line of Dialogue:  "We only have a few minutes."



Genre:  Family Film

Holiday:  4th of July

Character:  Tony/Terry Hoopes - Gambler

Prop:  Scotch Tape

Line of Dialogue:  "Did you read

                                                  the directions?"



"Best Of" 2016 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project -

                                                                           Holiday Edition


Won - Best Actor (Bradford Hastings)

Best Graphics

Best Use of Character

Best Use of Line

Runner Up - Best Film


Nominated - Best Writing

Best VFX

Best Use of Genre

Best Use of the Prop

"Best Of" 2016 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project


Won - Best Editing

Runner Up - Best Actor (Bradford Hastings)


Nominated - Best Writing

Best Supporting Actor/Actress (David Nett)

Best Ensemble Acting

Best Use of the Prop


Genre:  Dark Comedy

Character:  Liz or Les Bootley - Contractor

Prop:  An Orange

Line of Dialogue:  "Is that the best you can find"



Genres:  Drama/Period Piece

Holiday:  New Years Eve/Day

Character:  Bruce/Brianna McClane - Outcast

Prop:  Compass

Line of Dialogue:  "This is our last shot"



"Best Of" 2015 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project -

                                                                           Holiday Edition


Winner - Best Production Design


Nominated - Best Film

                        Best Directing

                        Best Ensemble Acting

                        Best Editing

                        Best use of "New Years Eve/Day"

"Best Of" 2015 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project

Won - Screening Group

           Audience Award

Nominated - Best Ensemble Acting


Genre:  Family

Character:  Cash/Carly Fitzwater - Best Friend

Prop:  Instructions

Line of Dialogue:  "No , guess again"



Genre:  Comedy

Character:  Ed/Elly Marlina, Journalist

Prop:  A wrapped present

Line of Dialogue:  "I don't care, you decide"



Genre:  Romance

Character:  Denise/David Stott, Athletic Coach

Prop:  A bottle

Line of Dialogue:  "Why did you do that?"



Genre:  Fantasy

Character:  Alex or Alexis Filbert,


Prop:  Junk mail

Line of Dialogue:  "How was I

                                          supposed to know?"



Genre:  Fantasy

Character:  Frederick or Frieda Laino,

                                           Exchange Student

Prop:  A bumper sticker

Line of Dialogue:  "Hey! My Mom

                                                 gave me that."



Genre:  Horror

Character:  L. Schnabel, salesman

Prop:  A flag

Line of Dialogue:  "That's the whole enchilada"



Genre:  Fantasy

Character:  W. Fritz Bean, Farmer

Prop:  A painting

Line of Dialogue:  "That's a very good question"



Genre:  Cop/Drama

Character:  Stinky Rebozo, Stool Pigeon

Prop:  A Large Suitcase

Line of Dialogue:  "Can you keep a secret?"



Genre:  SciFi, Musical, or Western

Character:  Lou Fort, Marine

Prop:  Flippers

Line of Dialogue:  "That's a good question."



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