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48 Hour Film Project required elements

Genre:  Fantasy

Character:  W. Fritz Bean, Farmer

Prop:  A painting

Line of Dialogue:  "That's a very good question"



Do or Die

Directed By

Brian Ward


Written By

Andrew Dabb


Story By

Brian Ward

Andrew Dabb


Produced By

Frank Mohler



Frank - Brad Hastings

Emily - Erin Mauldin

Dream Girl - Emily Reynolds

Girlfriend - Jeanne Dear

W. Fritz Bean - Barrett Gregory

Drunk Guy - Frank Mohler

Drunk Bathroom Guy - Dan Healey

Drunk Stairway Guy - Pierre Dupree

Tiko - Brian Ward

Party Goers - Mark "Fluffy" Anderson

                        Shannon Anderson

                        Carl Burmiester

                        Sara Curran

                        Rick DiGiuseppe

                        Brenda Mercure

                        Jay Meyers

                        Carol Ann Sparks


Director of Photography

Brian Ward



Frank Mohler



Bradford Hastings


Assistant Director

Frank Mohler


2nd Assistant Directors

Brenda Mercure

Emily Reynolds

Brad Hastings


Camera Equipment

Randy Ice


Additional Music

The Nate Meng Show


Special Thanks

Dan Healey

Brenda Mercure

Sara Curran

Frank and Claudia Mohler

Jey Meyers

Peter Ballenger

Ali Rubinstein



Performed by Even Pete


"Under The Water"

Performed by The Octobers

Bonus Content!

Gag Reel
Alternate Ending
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