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48 Hour Film Project required elements

Genre:  Fantasy

Character:  Alex or Alexis Filbert, Champion

Prop:  Junk mail

Line of Dialogue:  "How was I supposed to know?"




Directed By

Brian Ward


Written By

Brian Ward

Michael Angel


Produced By

Frank Mohler

Brian Ward



Ulee/Alex Filbert - Zakry Fin

Phen/Bob - Stephen Jackson

Cajz/Mike - Michael Angel

Zardo/Walter - Wally White

Rynaca/Gladys - Caryn Crye

Akkah/Becca - Rebekah Zetty

Tonek/Jaques - Kenton Lane Beattie

Lynz/Janey - Lindsay Johnson

Nairb/Yoji - Brian Ward

Faerie Janitor - Frank Mohler

The Pesky Pixie - Ava Fin



Brian Ward

Frank Mohler



Frank Mohler



Rob Gokee


Titles by

Lindsay Johnson


Special Thanks

Shout! Factory

Shannon Dedman

Pasadena Playhouse

Allison Vanore

Gag Reel
Deleted/Extended Interviews
48 Hour Version 
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