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Introducing Dwayne Browning

48 Hour Film Project required elements:

Genres:  Biography (with a Road Movie)

Character:  Austin/Ashley Cheevers - Wine Maker

Prop:  A Wallet

Line of Dialogue:  "We only have a few minutes"




"Best Of" 2017 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project

Runner Up -  Best Use of the Required Line

Directed By

Brian Ward


Written By

Thom Zahler

Jon Monson-Foon

Antonio Lopez


Produced By

Frank Mohler


Brian Ward

Carolyn Feres



Dwayne Browning - Barrett Gregory

Allison Mitchell - Ariel Neona

Stephanie - Stephanie Griffith

David - David Nett

Ambar - Ambar Kaiser

Jenni - Jenni Nicole

Bradford - Bradford Hastings

Cassandra Page - Carolyn Feres

Hailey - Hailey Gold

Colleen - Colleen Gold

Ashleigh - Ashleigh Boiros

Billie - Billie Stouter

Austin Cheevers - Jon Monson-Foon

Jeff - Jeff Miller


Director of Photography

Irving Ong



Frank Mohler


Production & Costume Design

Shannon Dedman



Cassandra Cymbal


Script Supervisor

Kathleen Campbell


Ian Clark-Daugherty

Wardrobe & Make-up

Shannon Dedman

Billie Stouter

Production Assistants

Elliot Rutstein

Antonio Lopez

Jon Monson-Foon

Hailey Gold

Colleen Gold


Craft Services

Billie Stouter


Social Media

Billie Stouter


Special Thanks

Andrea Letamendi

Jill & Phil Gold

Whitmore Lindley Theatre Center

Special Thanks to Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists


Bonus Content!

Gag Reel
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