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Soul Provider

48 Hour Film Project required elements:

Genres:  Dark Comedy or Adventure Serial

Character:  Liz or Les Bootley - Contractor

Prop:  An Orange

Line of Dialogue:  "Is that the best you can find"




"Best Of" 2016 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project


Winner - Best Editing

Runner Up - Best Actor (Bradford Hastings)


Nominated - Best Writing

                        Best Ensemble Acting

                        Best Supporing Actor/Actress (David Nett)

                        Best use of the Prop

Bonus Content!

Deleted Scenes

Directed By

Brian Ward


Written By

Thom Zahler

Jon Monson-Foon


Produced By

Frank Mohler



Les Bootley - David Nett

Lawyer - Stephanie Griffith

Mr. Teufel - Bradford Hastings

Stage Mom - Billie Stouter

Daughter - Colleen Gold

Football Player - Zak Fin

Secretary - Ariel Neona

Magic Hand Double - Michael Csurics



Director of Photography

Irving Ong



Frank Mohler


Production Design

Elliot Rutstein



Rob Gokee


Magic Consultant

Michael Csurics


Script Supervisor

Kathleen Campbell


Wardrobe & Make-up

Carol Ann Sparks

Billie Stouter



Additional Camera

Joe Otanez



Michael Smith

Joe Otanez



Thom Zahler


Location Manager

Antonio Lopez


Set Decorators

Elliot Rutstein

Antonio Lopez



Still Photographers

Michael Smith

Billie Stouter


Craft Services

Billie Stouter


Social Media

Billie Stouter


Special Thanks

Jill & Phil Gold

Shout! Factory

Andrea Letamendi


Dedicated to

The Academy of Magical Arts

and our friends at The Magic Castle



48 Hour Version 
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