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48 Hour Film Project required elements

Genre:  Romance

Character:  Denise/David Stott, Athletic Coach

Prop:  A bottle

Line of Dialogue:  "Why did you do that?"




The PAttern

Directed By

Brian Ward


Written By

Brian Ward


Produced By

Frank Mohler



Detective David Stott - Tom Konkle

Detective Charlie Gordon - Brittney Powell

Lisa Schmidt - Jenna Busch

Cop - Barrett Gregory

Detective - David Beeler


Director of Photography

Irving Ong



Frank Mohler


Production Designer

Shannon Dedman



Rob Gokee


Unit Production Manager

Andrea Letamendi


Production Assistant

Elliot Rutstein


Production Assistants - Art Department

Christine Brandt

Elaine Walker


Production Assistant - Camera Department

Karan Parikh


Production Sound

Ian Clark-Daugherty



Matt Petosa


Title Design

Lindsay Johnson


Special Thanks

Shout! Factory

Vickie Reese Whatley

Jordan Fields

Colin Reef

Michael Turner


Bonus Content!

Gag Reel
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