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The Meaning of Christmas

48 Hour Film Project required elements:

Genres:  Fish Out of Water and Musical

Holiday:  Christmas

Character:  Jennifer/Jack Bates - House Guest

Prop:  ID Badge

Line of Dialogue:  "Give me a break"




"Best Of" 2017 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project - Holiday Edition


Winner -        Lifetime Achievement Award

                       Grand Champion Best Of Audience Award 

                       Audience Award for Screening Group B (tie)

                       Best Music

                       Best Graphics               
                       Best Use of Holiday (tie)
                       Best Use of the Required Line

Runner Up -  Best Production Design

2nd Runner Up - Best Film


Nominated - Best Directing

                        Best Writing

                        Best Actress

                        Best Cinematography

                        Best Editing

                        Best use of the Genre


"Evelyn Price"/"Gina" - Stephanie Griffith

"Les Bootley"/"Nate" - David Nett

"Cassandra Page"/Jennifer Bates" - Carolyn Feres

"Jim" - Thom Zahler

"Dieter Schadedorf" - Brian Ward

"Chris Sullivan" - Frank Mohler

Directed By

Brian Ward

Produced By

Frank Mohler

Co-Produced By

Brian Ward

Associate Producer

Carolyn Feres


Story By

Brian Ward

Written By

Thom Zahler

Jon Monson-Foon

Antonio Lopez

Brian Ward

Lyrics By

Stephanie Griffith

Jon Monson-Foon

Songs Written By

Stephanie Griffith

Cassandra Cymbal

Music Composed By

Cassandra Cymbal


Director of Photography

Tristan Savage-Tate


Frank Mohler

Production Designer

Shannon Dedman


Shannon Dedman


1st Assistant Camera

Matthew Carter


Jeremy Savage-Tate

Boom Operator

Jon Monson-Foon

Production Assistant

Elliot Rutstein

Set Dressing

Barrett Gregory

Ashleigh Boiros

Jon Monson-Foon

Stephanie Griffith

Frank Mohler

Brian Ward


Craft Services

Ashleigh Boiros

Barrett Gregory

Special Thanks to Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

Dedicated to the memory of our friend

Len Wein


Bonus Content!

Gag Reel
Without Commentary Track
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